Hashish Illegal in AZ; Not Part of Medical Marijuana

An Arizona court has ruled that medical marijuana patients can still face arrest when in possession of hashish because it isn’t mentioned or included by name in a marijuana initiative passed by the voters in 2010. Unlike other states like Florida for example, where patients who require marijuana for medicinal purposes can use cannabis doctors florida locations to help get a medical marijuana card.

The Arizona Court of Appeals handed down the decision during the last week of June 2018 in the case of Rodney Jones, a cardholder in the state’s medical marijuana program who was arrested in March 2013 at a Prescott hotel and indicted on one count of cannabis possession and drug paraphernalia possession. Whilst he may have chosen to switch over to other options after this, such as edibles in the forms of protein bar options, this ruling was a surprise to many.

Police said at the time they had found Jones had 0.05 ounces of hashish in a jar, according to the appeals court ruling. After spending a year in jail, Jones waived his right to a jury trial in the case. He was later convicted and sentenced to more than two years in prison with credit for time served.

In his appeal, Jones sought to have his conviction and sentence overturned by the court. But two of the judges on the three-member appeals court panel rejected his request, saying that the state’s medical marijuana act approved in 2010 “is silent” on hashish. “If the drafters wanted to immunize the possession of hashish they should have said so,” the ruling said. “We cannot conclude that Arizona voters intended to do so.” This is why it is important to stay up to date with cannabis news and laws in your location, changes could be made daily and if you’re not in the know you could end up being penalized for such, so keep up to date in your area with sites like this weed blog Canada.

Hashish is a resin extracted from cannabis plants, and it is often used in oils and other medical marijuana products that are a part of the nation’s growing multi-billion dollar marijuana market, those who are interesting can find live resin online there are a lot of resources online to learn more about it.. The ruling found that hashish is recognized under state law as a narcotic, distinct from marijuana by the state legislature because of its potency levels.